The Oarsome Programme

A unique experience which includes a day on the river rowing with the support of The Oarsome Team. The Oarsome Programme includes:

A Half Day with you to understand your organisation and outcomes

Before the River Day we will spend a half day with you to establish your outcomes and gather feedback about your organisation and the dynamics of your team. We will then work with you to develop the content of the River Day to match these outcomes.

A Full River Day

The bespoke River Day will be created just for you and will consist of:

  • Welcome from The Oarsome Team and a light breakfast at a rowing club near you
  • A briefing and discussion around your outcomes for the day
  • A technical demonstration and land based rowing practice
  • First “on water row”
  • Discussion on the transferable skills from your Oarsome experience to the workplace
  • Coaching around observations and what you can change
  • Lunch
  • Second “on water row”
  • Feedback and coaching around the transfer of learning back to the work environment
  • Celebration and close

Within the next 48 hours we will speak with you for a debrief and to ensure you have strategies around your learning from the River Day and outcomes for work.

A Follow up coaching session

Approximately 4 weeks after the River Day we will support you with a further half day business coaching to understand the change you have created from your “Oarsome” experience and work with you to identify how these can be developed even further.