The Oarsome Testimonials

“One of the most insightful and enjoyable team building days I have ever done.
This event has enabled real issues about the way we work as a team to be talked about and addressed and we all feel more motivated about pulling together in future. I would recommend Oarsome to anyone wanting to positively improve how they are as a team”
Catherine Doherty, Director – Fields of Learning Ltd

“Thank you – the day quickly gave me an appreciation of what I do well and clear insight in to what I could adapt to enable the team to be even more effective.  Having the experience together helped us get closer and have more open conversations.”
SM – Organisation Development Specialist

“Malcolm and Phil produced an awesome team building event which helped to inspire and bring our small Finance team together.  The day combined and met all of our goals – from being great fun to assisting in our personal learning. The feedback was on the mark and the professionalism of the entire Oarsome team helped to make it a truly enjoyable event” “Brilliant! Best team event ever and Totally Oarsome!”
Nigel Bennett, Chief Financial Officer – MEIF Renewables

“Just wanted to thank you again for such a fabulous day and experience. Really learnt lots about myself and working on my own and in a team and how I can transfer my learning into my work and home.”
Patricia Whitely – Learning & Development Manager

“I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I cannot now imagine a better team building activity than rowing, which was a brilliant and valuable learning experience. Perfect!”
Graduate – Bidwells Property Consultants

“Combining a new experience with classroom sessions highlighted aspects of everyday work in which we can approve. Points were suggested subtly to the group as supposed to being driven to you by way of PowerPoint. Working together, collaboration, listening, looking and discussion to achieve a final goal together would be synopsis of a memorable day. I even ache slightly this morning which must mean I worked quite hard too!”
Learning & Development Manager – Bidwells Property Consultants